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“Tactics, Talents, Tools” research is based on survey of the C-level IT professionals involved in software projects management around the world.

The research aims to help international IT professionals:

  • get in-depth understanding of the latest trends in software projects’ management,
  • compare experiences of multiple team’s tactics for managing project risks,
  • explore different practices in management of remote and in-house teams,
  • find out what are most popular and useful tools used for software projects management.

Research goals:

  • explore multiple tactics for managing project risks,
  • explore challenges associated with talents management,
  • explore the use of different tools for project management.

Audience: C-level IT professionals (CTO, CIO, Product managers, Project managers, VP of engineering, CEO)

Geography: worldwide.

Time: Summer 2014.

Methods: The research survey will be available online.

In order to reach as many international C-level IT professionals as possible, Developex uses its own database of business contacts and sends out a research invitations through LinkedIn Group “IT Insider International”.

Additionally, inbound marketing initiatives is launched in order to attract more experts to participate in the research. In the frames of this campaign, the following steps will be taken.

Online press releases and research announcements distribution; Research localization and optimization in social media such as LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, blogs, event management systems, and B2B web portals.

Results: Analytics report will be presented with the responses summary and conclusions to all research participants.