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“2014 IT people” short research is based on survey of the IT professionals involved in software projects management around the world.

The research aims to:

  • analyze multiple experiences of IT management professionals from 2014 year
  • get in-depth understanding of the latest trends in software project management
  • compare experiences of multiple team’s tactics for managing software development teams
  • explore different practices in management of remote and in-house teams
  • get insights from different companies on team management strategies
  • analytics report will be presented with the responses summary and conclusions to all research participants

The idea of the research is get overall understanding of tendencies in management of IT teams and lessons learned from 2014 year.

The 2014 IT people research will be based on 5 questions addressed to Project managers, CTOs, Directors of software development and CEOs of small and medium companies:

The analytics report for 2014 IT people research will be presented along with study of participant’s profiles, so tendencies for small and medium teams may differ.